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Amber's readings are no bullshit- they are a guide to what you need to see and not just want you want to see. They find the dusty, shadowy, almost unloved corners that require the light and she guides you on how to bring that light in with direct guidance. The detail she goes into chart readings is phenomenal and she guides you not just through one planet with one sign in one house, but how each of these individual placements corresponds with one another in this specific time frame. I’ve felt stuck for nearly a month straight, fumbling over what thing I need to do in order to feel less chaotic and to my surprise, the chaos is what I needed and Amber showed me how to WORK with the chaos and turn it into self love. Her guidance is phenomenal and unlike anything I’ve had before. While changes have not been made overnight, I have the pull and determination I need in order to work with her guidance in order to best work with my energy and spirituality to live and work with the map that is my reality. Thank you Amber ❤️


Amber is a beautiful healing soul, she has an effervescent spirit that exudes radiance, joy, and positivity. The sessions I experienced were life changing and magical. She's very deeply intuitive and helps you awaken your own sense of intuition. She reveals spiritual tools you can use to look inside of yourself for answers. Her guided meditations are powerful - they left me in tears. The guided meditations helped clear negative energies and raise my aural vibrations which in turn helps my soul manifest future aspirations in alignment with my higher self. She is absolutely the real deal. She is pure goodness. If you've found yourself here, don't hesitate, consider it a blessing to cross paths with Amber.


This review is long overdue but necessary. I've seen a number of psychics with a number of different strengths and what I can confidently say Amber is fantastic at clearing energies. She was able to clear a dark energy blockage I had been struggling with for years that had caused pain on the right side of my head. She saw this energy before I had come in and wrote it down in the notes she makes before I got there. Amber is very gifted, and a safe place to heal. You won't be disappointed!


I was feeling depressed, struggling with anxiety and feeling like I had lost my true self for a few months when I reached out to Amber and made an appointment. I walked out feeling like myself again for the first time in a long time, feeling extremely calm and at peace, and with the tools I need to keep myself in balance. She spent a lot of time with me, never rushing, making sure I was getting everything I needed out of that session. She is so intuitive, with so much empathy and kindness and she genuinely cares about you and wants to help. I am astonished at how different I feel now from when I walked into that session, it's like a fog has been lifted. She is truly gifted.


I had my first session with Amber and it was amazing! When you meet her you feel like you already know her. She's very welcoming!  She creates a great environment and I felt so much lighter after I was done. She also gave me ways to help continue feeling "lighter" too!   Thanks Amber!


I had a reading done by Amber, and she was able to express things that I never really knew how to describe. I felt like she understood where I was coming from, and helped me express what I was feeling. If you want someone to help you understand and learn more about yourself, definitely give her a call or make an appointment.


I saw Amber today and it was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever had. People get on airplanes and fly to other countries to see healers. What a gift she has, what a wonderful person she is. And she's right here.


Seeing Amber has been a life transforming event for me. I had reached a period in my life where I was stuck, reluctant to leave the past behind and uncertain of which direction I needed to go in. The session was emotional and revealing for me. I became acutely aware of what was blocking my future and what was needed to live a life that would make me happy.  I left feeling hopeful, optimistic and content in the knowledge that it would all be okay. I am learning to enjoy the journey.  On Monday, I finally got the tattoo I had been designing for 7 years, and I am already designing my second! I don't know what the future holds but I am learning what steps to take to get to the destination I want to reach!


Amber is amazing and has a true gift. All I did was schedule an appointment, I didn't talk to her about the reasons for my appointment, the day of the appointment, she had a pages of notes that dealt with the reasons for my appointment. She guided me and really helped me. I felt a million times better.


I just finished my reading with Amber. The reading was what I looking for. She has taken time to get to heart of matters weighed deeply within me. Her abilities to draw what is important are truly impeccable. With Amber's guidance, you will not be disappointed. I was lost and without a heading but Amber reignited an old passion to my wellness. I'm quite terrible putting things into words but Amber is a rare gem not to pass up.


Just got finished with my session with Amber and saying it was "incredible" isn't enough. It was amazing, empowering, eye-opening, inspiring AND incredible.

Amber was going through notes that she wrote down before I got there. Things in my life as well as positive things I'm blocking. She was perfectly on point. Ways that I grew up, how I live my life now, and ways to improve myself. All in various areas of my life (work, money, health, relationships, love, etc). They were all very eye-opening and made a lot of sense to me.

I felt myself being cleansed of many negative feelings and energy as well as feeling very open for more better things to come to me.

I've done past reiki, meditation, psychic, and tarot sessions with other people before, but this one with Amber really was the greatest one I've experienced.

Can't wait to do it again...

Also, bonus: I was getting over a cold before the session so was still congested, but by the end of it, I could breathe normal again! Incredible!

Thanks Amber!


Amber is extremely in-tune with what people need. I felt overwhelmed and depressed over numerous issues piling up and so had a session by Amber. She spent time to tell me what I needed and how to begin to change was what happening in my life. The day after the healing I felt pretty yucky, but since then my attitude has honestly changed and I feel more able to deal with things. I feel more upbeat and more energized. I would totally recommend Amber! Love her!


Amber is amazing! She just knows intuitively what is wrong and how to help fix it. She's like a spiritual hug from your mom when you're down and gives you a much needed  reset along with awesome advice.

I needed to see to believe and she knew stuff about me that was so specific, it was spooky! But it felt great knowing someone understood. Go see her if you're feeling confused, lost or in a funk! It's totally worth it.  :)


Amber was right on she knew exactly how I was feeling and what to do about it. It's like she's magic or something I was amazed how in tune she was with me, it really is worth doing, you will be glad you did.


I had a reading a few days ago and wow.. First of all, I didn't tell her anything that was going on in my life. But she somehow knew I was holding back tears, and that I was holding onto toxic resentments. She gave me tools to release the sadness and the anger and I feel much different and better. I can't wait to talk to her again. It's cool, it's a trip and it's helpful. I highly recommend Amber.


I saw Amber at a low point in my life - I felt a darkness around me that wouldn't go away in spite of having an active lifestyle, a clean diet, and good relationships with my friends, partner, and family. When reading Amber's website, I was struck by how unpretentious and down to earth she appeared. Unlike so many people using spirituality as a way to make a quick buck, Amber is the real deal. She is so effortlessly in touch with the spiritual realm, a deeply feminine presence, and has the ability to access her intuition in the most artful way.

After seeing her, not only did I feel lighter in spirit, but by random chance I fell into a business venture a month later that has since blossomed and elevated my life in a way I didn't think possible.

When I look back at my appointment with Amber I feel a minty, surreal sort of calm. She is seriously worth every penny.


I did a session with Amber for the first time last week. The experience was absolutely life changing. Better than any therapy session I've attended. She taught me things about myself that I never even knew I could do. I've been struggling with anxiety and have been very depressed. I never thought I'd be able to overcome any of my issues, but she really helped me.

Self improvement is an everyday process. If I never followed my gut to reach out to her, I wouldn't know what I'd be doing and what dark thoughts I'd be thinking. Her energy connected with me unlike any other. She didn't rush me through anything and really took her time.

Talking to her is like talking to a best friend. No judgements. She's completely understanding, warm, and welcoming. The experience is worth every single penny. Please check out Amber, she's truly an angel.


I was skeptical because how could someone have perfect reviews? But Amber is the real deal; she was inspirational and helped me see things in my life that I had not connected to past hurts and then offered me guides and meditations and ways to help lead to a bigger, better worldview/life. I'm so awe-inspired, I had to write about it right away and I've never done a review.

She won't give you perfect answers about what your future holds, and she says it's because you can get in the way of that vision and choose a different path. I feel that is so true- there is what we are pulled to want and do, but our fears and ego can get in the way- it has for me constantly! Now I have a way to ask for love to come into my life and be receptive to it after reflecting with her on some ways that I wasn't trusting myself and wasn't trusting love to be a good agent in life before. I'm very excited and I know the new positive spirit is because she's so gentle and nurturing as she starts you on that road to becoming your true self. Awesome Amber!

Oh and by the way, she saw me mourning a father figure and stuck in the rut of that, too, before I told her my grandpa had passed recently and I had been working so much that I hadn't been able to grieve. It was keeping my creative world blocked, which she also saw and focused on first, which was exactly what I had been seeking!


This is a long time coming. I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate the time I had with Amber. I was SO nervous to see Amber. I was doing something out of my comfort zone, but was so ready to experience what was about to happen.

Such a comforting person. It literally felt like I was coming to my best friend's house to just chit chat. The level of comfort was just what I needed because I had no idea what was about to happen or what to expect. I'm very new to all of this and she made sure to inform me on everything that was about to happen.

I have been dealing with anxiety and depression my entire life. Within the first 5 mins I was bawling my eyes out. I had a lot to deal with so long story short, after the session concluded I was so light headed and just astounded. My first thought and some of my first words were "WHAT JUST HAPPENED" I was speechless.  It was like after getting a massage you know? That drowsy, way too comfortable, did I just experience that? kind of thing. I looked at the world so differently. I was appreciating everything around me so much more.

She gave me tips and pointers to help me when I am going through certain stuff.

This woman is unbelievable. I never felt rushed. I never felt judged. I felt nothing but love and acceptance. Please do yourself a favor and book this beautiful (inside and out) woman. You won't regret it.


She was amazing, lovely and so kind and genuine. We went through a lot of things at once which was amazing for me and left me feeling really refreshed. She was flexible even though I changed the times last minute. I felt like she really understood me and made an effort to help me with the things I wanted. She was 100% present and intuitive.


Amber is a true empath and cares about her clients well-being.  She is gifted and I only expect her business to grow so my advice is to book her now.  
I am sure I will be using her services again.


This review is long overdue, as I met with Amber a while back, but it has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life.  

If you are new to an experience like this, there is no need to be nervous. Amber is warm, understanding, and like talking to a close friend.

We did a guided meditation, and it was the most  healing, opening, and life changing experience. This is coming from someone who had never been able to meditate in the past! I learned so much, and because of this I now meditate almost every day, even if just for a few minutes.

Through my experience with her, I feel like I can better understand myself, others, my dreams and handle life experiences. This was so much more than just a 1 day amazing experience- she helped me learn to help myself through so many things in life, and that is priceless.

Over the years I've read books, listened to podcasts, gone to talk therapy, read about stones and chakras, dream analysis, etc. But I have to say that Amber helped it make sense and bring it to life!

Amber has an amazing gift, and I am so thankful that I found her!


I was kind of shocked at how in-tune Amber was with what was going on in my life. She called me and told me what she interpreted and everything hit home. I felt like she was really understanding me and I got motivated to make some changes in my life and create more action. She is sweet, kind, thoughtful and caring. I felt like she cared about what she was saying to me and was very genuine. All that and super affordable too!


Amber is incredible. I went in in a huge funk that has been clouding me for weeks and I left feeling lighter and empowered. She guided me through meditations that I LOVED and was extremely in tune to what was going on with me before I even said a thing. I will absolutely be back and I can't recommend her highly enough if you need a gentle push in the right direction.


Amber is so amazing! She read my energy incredibly well and knew what was going on with me, without knowing anything about me prior to our meeting. It was pretty impressive how accurate she was. We talked through things and she had great ideas for what to do.

I personally had been feeling an unknown negative presence in myself when meditating for about a month prior to meeting Amber. She saw it in my third eye and was able to clear it (and also was so calm and reassuring about it). She also cleared a blocked throat chakra and helped with heart and sacral chakra issues as well.

After the session, I felt lighter and left with an almost euphoric feeling.

Amber even checked in with me a few hours later to see how I was feeling and made some recommendations on what to do before sleep or meditation to continue my healing. I highly recommend her!


Amber is so warm and loving, as well as insightful. I went to her for a healing. I never did anything like that before, but it was pretty incredible. She was able to pick up on so much of what I was going through energetically. She helped me process certain things I was struggling with. I definitely walked away feeling lighter and more clear. She really took her time with me and was really in depth. I really want to do another one!


I reached out to Amber in a time of need.  Dark night of the soul.  She unselfishly came to my aid.  When we spoke on the phone, although we'd never met, she knew some things about me and my internal world that not even some of the closest people in my life know.  She and I had a great talk, she gave me tools and advice to brighten my internal world and raise my vibrations so I could move on up in life.  I felt so very cleansed by my interaction with her, even over the phone.  And as soon as I am able, I plan to meet with her in person and continue working with her.  She's fantastic and the real deal.


Amber did a reading for me, and it was just what I needed. Very insightful. Very comforting. And she gave me some great suggestions regarding next steps in my self-care. You won't regret talking to her!


Amber is amazing! These are not just words, this is real.  My experience was very empowering. She has this pure energy that is uplifting the clients. Thank you Amber, you are incredible.


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