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I started life knowing early on that I wanted to be a comedic actor. As I got older, that turned into becoming an improviser, doing live shows all over LA as well as The Bay Area. I worked professionally as an actor and as an office manager in a production company. Later, my passions leaned towards writing. I slowly slipped out of the limelight, and found myself needing immense healing.

My healing journey turned into going all in with mysticism. I started doing sessions with clients, adding all sorts of skills on my toolbelt in order to overcome deep shadow and blockages.

I went on an endless deepdive, trying to figure out how to align with my healthiest, most successful life, but all that wisdom felt useless because my life was stagnating more and more.

Eventually my path led me to homelessness. But instead of flailing my arms and drowning, I used my vast wisdom of how the universe works to document my journey. I taught the viewer how to take fearsome leaps into the unknown and come through the other side abundant and provided for. This journey ended up being a wonderful adventure! I traveled all across the west coast, housesitting for all sorts of new and interesting people. Living on farms to downtown lofts. I found my destiny: being a teacher of The Divine Feminine path. This path is about shedding societal programming, confronting fear, and awakening to your TRUTH.

In finding my OWN truth, I returned to Los Angeles and decided I wasn't done with the entertainment industry. But this time, I wanted to rebuild a new system that is holistic and offers entertainment for people who yearn to live outside of The Patriarchy. I wrote a screenplay I'm currently working on getting produced. I live happily in ease, luxury, and comfort in Pasadena.

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