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Shamanic Healing Session

  • 2 hr
  • 325 US dollars

Service Description

When I first started working with clients, I worked more as a psychic/shamanic guide and healer. I ended up refocusing on astrology and coaching as my main form of assisting people, but every now and again, you need a DEEP purge of the soul. That's where these sessions come in. More of a psychic and intuitive experience, I will still refer to your natal/human design charts to guide me. I will also psychically study your energy on a much deeper level, spending time before our session tuned into your energy. When I tune into your energetic field I will understand what areas are blocked. I will teach you everything I learn during the session. Together we will take a deep dive into your subconscious and I will guide you through meditations where we go places you've never been. A truly unique and magickal experience. We may clear chakras, may talk to spirit guides, deities, passed loved ones, may speak to the the spirits of your different body parts, maybe nature spirits, maybe do a magick ritual, may look into past lives, the future... who knows! Each session is channeled and guided intuitively by me. I'll intuitively bring some magickal tools to help us. Nothing is guaranteed to come up except what spirit channels through me on the day. I'll be asking spirit what you need most in order to heal at this time. As a master energy worker and teacher, I will guide you at any level you're at, and you will have a powerful experience regardless of how much you know about spirituality. *These sessions have been known to run long. Plan in advance to have your whole day revolve around this session. My goal is to end around 2 hours though. **These sessions are MASSIVE energy movers and I've had clients report that after the session they've had feelings of dizziness, were ready to fall into a deep healing sleep, and feeling sick. But this is the process of big change, you have to purge the old before leaping into the new. Others report feeling euphoric, seen, and reborn. I will give you advice on aftercare. ***Look at my package deal "3 Session Path to Authenticity" that includes: 1 Discovery Session ($222) 1 Shamanic Healing Session ($325) 1 Golden Plan Session ($222) For $740 dollars! Send me a message via my contact form to schedule!

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