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Golden Plan Session

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 222 US dollars

Service Description

These sessions are incredibly fun for me, haha. We take all of the data of how you're going about your goals and dissect them. I look at the energetics behind what you're doing, and rewrite them for you. I give you homework and practical steps. Together we BUILD the dream into reality. THIS is my zone of genius. I will hold you accountable in the most loving and gentle way. I will NEVER push an agenda onto you and/or set up something that's too hard for where you're at. Together we will come up with doable steps forward. This session will be a lot of questions about how you've practically got your life set up. I will ask about your schedule, what a day in the life looks like, and I will ask for you to give me a tour of your living space if it comes to it. (Inquire about extra costs of flying me out to your home to do this in person! We can organize EVERYTHING to realign your life into an authentic one! Marie Kondo aint got nothing on us!) In this 1.5 hour time-span, I will look at your planners, your calendars, how your house is set up... Anything that's relevant. I will hopefully already know a bunch of info about you and your goals (Booking a "Discovery Session" beforehand is preferred) but it isn't necessary. Once I understand the energetics of what is hindering you, I'll channel/refer to your chart's information on what works better with your preferred life. Then we will build the program/schedule/steps it will take to get there. If you already have steps in place, but are finding it hard to enact them, this session can be more of a "look at what isn't working and revise it" session. This is where ACTION and PRACTICALITY come in to actually BUILD the life of your dreams!!!!!!!!! This session can be done via zoom, or inquire about doing it in person for a small fee. Send me a message via my contact form to schedule!

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