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Goddess Chart Reading

  • 1 h
  • 180 US dollars

Service Description

Goddess Charts is a style of astrology that I have channeled myself. I felt the need to see the chart from a new perspective when I learned traditional astrology. Traditional astrology uses the sun's movements to describe what the houses mean. But this felt very one sided to me. Some people are born with a 24 hour hormonal cycle that syncs with the sun. But half of the population has a 28 day hormonal cycle that syncs with the moon. I wanted to look at the chart from that point of view. I devised a way to read the chart that includes The Feminine, her journey, and her perspective. These charts are for everyone, not just people who have mastered their feminine energy. In fact, these readings are more for people with confusion around masc/fem energy dynamics within themselves. People who find it hard to label their own gender, or who have trouble identifying with certain energies, whether that be masculine or feminine. This sessions aren't to coach you to be one or the other, they're about seeing all the ingredients in your chart that build the whole of YOU. As well as where your imbalances might live. These readings are great for people who feel emotionally repressed, protective of their vulnerability, or who have experienced trauma around their gender. Each person will have this reading center around whatever is prominent in their lives, as opposed to going through every single house. Maybe the reading will center around relationship issues, unlocking your creative potential, unfolding why you are blocked with money, and so much more! A truly unique reading you can only get with me! Send me a message via my contact form to schedule!

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