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Discovery Session

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 222 US dollars

Service Description

We meet up via Zoom to discuss your natal chart (astrological birth chart) and what patterns are in place in your life. I ask you questions to get to know you and what might be holding you back. I get a clear view on the logistics of what you're built out of, and start the process of unwinding the stuck patterns. Beginners with astrology are welcome! We start laying the foundation for what your most authentic self needs. Maybe we need to focus on shadow and clearing work. Maybe we focus on human design. Maybe it's teaching-dense, filled with life coaching, or maybe I guide you through a short meditation where I am tuned into your energy and take you on a healing journey. It's all done intuitively and you can direct the conversation any which way you'd like. Astrology will always be the main component and guiding light though. (75-95% of the session, depending.) Skills that may be utilized in this session: Astrology (I use whole-sign traditional astrology as well as a system I channeled called Goddess Chart Reading,) Astro-cartography, astro-herbalism, medical astrology, human design, psychic intuition, mediumship, shamanic guided meditations, reiki, face reading, masculine/feminine energy dynamics... How to know if my sessions are for you: -You have done the work and can't quite crack why you are still stuck. -You're ready to leap into the flames of death/rebirth and be guided by someone who knows the shortcuts. -You want someone "next level" who can push you out of your comfort zone and into true magick. -You can't seem to heal something and need to understand the energetics in order to correct the issue. -You just like my style and want to learn about yourself. -You want to feel like you're talking to a modern day Merlin and absorb wisdom about the universe/magick/healing not taught anywhere else. (Merlin is my spirit guide!) -You need someone to call you out when you are acting out of fear/ego and hold you to your highest potential. -You need a friend who will hold space for your vision and amplify your dreams. -You lack the confidence, know-how, or courage needed to move forward and need to borrow it second-hand from someone else. -You lack the vision for what you desire or the logistics on how to make it real. -You're ready to leave The Matrix. -You're DONE with living like a slave to broken systems, living in patterns set up by OTHER people, and ready to find your own TRUE AUTHENTIC PATH! Send me a message via my contact form to schedule!

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