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Astro-Cartography (Locational Astrology)

Available Online
  • 45 minutes
  • 180 US dollars

Service Description

Astro-Cartography is a lesser-known art, but extremely cool! We input your birth info, and your natal chart gets laid on top of a map. Different locations will hold different energies that will effect you in different ways unique to YOUR chart. Ever go to a place where everything goes your way, non-stop? You could've visited a "Jupiter Line." Aka a location where the presence of Jupiter is felt by you. Does everyone you've ever fallen in love with come from the same random location? They might've been born near your Venus line. Does everything you do end in failure, death and rebirth? Maybe you're currently on a Pluto line... This session will go over your astro-cartography chart, and will give you advice on locations according to your preferences. This is especially helpful if you're thinking of moving or booking some travel! Go to places that align with what energies you're wanting called in! Send me a message via my contact form to schedule!

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