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3 Session Path to Authenticity Package

  • 6 hr
  • 740 US dollars

Service Description

If you can't commit to ongoing mentorship, this is a great option for you. This package includes 3 sessions. Each is a different offering. When you buy the package, you can sign up for the 1st session, but together we will coordinate the other 2 sessions depending on your unique needs. *Please read more about each session in their individual offering pages. 1. Discovery Session, 1.5 hours (Normally $222) In the first session, we uncover your patterns and blockages, as well as what your most authentic self might look like. This session is a deep dive into your chart, mostly leaning on astrology and coaching, but could veer into any other skillset of mine depending on the conversation. 2. Shamanic Healing Session, 2-2.5 hours (Normally $325) In the second session, we focus on healing and shamanic journeying into your subconscious. We rewire your biggest mental blockages, and adjust whatever else might be hindering you. This is an incredible healing session unlike any other. Explore what REAL magick and healing is. 3. Golden Plan Session, 1 hour (Normally $222) In the third session, we start to build an actual plan on how to move towards your Golden Path aka your path of authenticity. We break down logistics, focus on unraveling the "I can't do it"s your ego has ingrained in your mind, and get creative with how to move forward. These sessions can be spaced out in whichever way feels most aligned. Send me a message via my contact form to schedule!

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