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3 Months of Mentorship

  • 99 hr
  • 4,040 US dollars

Service Description

This is when you want FULL access to my wisdom, support, and guidance for 3 months and a cheaper rate. (Mentorship is ongoing but you can pay month to month or in 3 month packs.) Warning: Working with me is literally like working with 'The Tower' card in tarot. I am a FORCE of illumination. The dangerous thing about knowledge? Once you know that there's a better life out there for you, the old one starts to crumble. Which is what you want!!! But it IS terrifying. This is why people choose to work with me one-on-one for a prolonged period of time: Because when knowledge leads to your old life crumbling, you need guidance through the rubble and to the other side. What you can expect: Phase 1: -When we first start, we will do an in-depth "Discovery Session." This is where I read your natal chart and your human design chart. I will uncover your patterns and validate things you've always known but have never pinpointed (and more.) -You will have access to me every weekday, 9-5, via the voice messaging app Voxer. You can message me on there via text, voice memo, or even email me, and I'll respond within 'work hours.' This is EXTREMELY helpful to have ongoing support. When you're confused, reach out. When you get triggered, reach out. Being tied to my aura WILL move energy SO powerfully in your life. Ongoing for the totality of the mentorship. -We will uncover information about you, your dreams, your goals, your hindrances, your hidden shadow, your fears, ect. I may book a second Discovery session with you in the first month in order to get to deeper levels of understanding about where we are, and where we're going. -Each month you get 2 full sessions with me. You will ALWAYS get 2 each month. Sessions can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Phase 2: Healing! We will focus on what's hindering you and heal those energetics and mental patterns in various ways including shamanic guided meditation and more. Our bi-weekly sessions will be more focused on healing work. Phase 3: Building plans and revising your life, practically. I look at every aspect of your life and together we go about rebuilding. Phase 4: Revisiting whatever we need to and maintaining progress until you no longer need me! *In addition, you'll get access to *certain* classes/events of mine for free or discounted.* Reach out for a free call before booking to make sure this is aligned for both of us! (Via the contact page on my website!) <3

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