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Astrology for Awakening

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Empower yourself to transcend the 3D matrix and embrace your true potential with this transformative 12-week astrology program. Designed for people who seek to awaken into their individually aligned 5D paradigm as well as deepen your understanding of astrology from an energetic perspective. Each week we dive deep into each astrological house, offering profound insights and reframing techniques based on Traditional Tropical Natal Astrology. Through a journey of self-discovery and authenticity, you will unlock hidden truths, align with your higher purpose, balance your masculine and feminine polarities, and navigate towards spiritual awakening. Join us on this enlightening path to liberation from broken systems, and embrace a new perspective that leads to profound personal growth and alignment with your truest self. ~~~ Who: Intermediate to advanced students in astrology/their spiritual journey. If you're a beginner and very much called to take the course, you're still invited! You should be able to follow along. What: A 12-week astrology course that goes through each house and explains a spiritual and energetic perspective on how to activate your chart, which will lead to awakening and co-creating an aligned life. Each meetup there will be an hour lecture on the house of the week. Then there will be an integration portion where I will teach you spiritual techniques to help you activate the house. Then we will do questions and shares. All-together this will be 2.5- 3 hours long once a week. There will also be a community space where everyone can process the information together. When: Tuesdays April 9th- June 25th at 5 pm PST/8pm EST Where: Zoom. The link will be sent to you upon registration. Excited to awaken alongside you all! ~Amber Jene

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